Saturday, November 24, 2012

Sunday Social

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The featured blog this week Auntie Em's Guide to Life.

Auntie Em is the bloggy alter-ego of Melinda Stanton, who is a wife to one, mom to 3, mom-in-law to 2, and choir teacher to hundreds over the past 20 years.  New to and very excited about the blogging world, she feels like the old chaperone of the bunch, but she’s just glad the “young-uns” invited her to the dance! With a 30+ year marriage, a paid-off house, no debt, and independent adult children who really like their family, Auntie Em has learned some things along the way and is glad to help others learn from her experience.

Silly facts:
1.       I had a 9-lb baby with no anesthesia. In four hours. This still just blows my mind. Three children-- 12 hours of labor, total. I was made for childbirth. And I really would rather have a baby than get a filling.
2.       I have a large store of impractical knowledge in my head. Six wives of Henry VIII? Got ‘em. Queen Elizabeth II’s great-great grandmother? Victoria. What Queen Elizabeth I said upon being told, “The Queen is dead; long live the Queen!”? “This is the Lord’s doing, and it is marvelous in our eyes.” (way too much about the British royal family) What’s on my grocery list that I forgot at home? *blank stare*
3.       My favorite color is blue. I like blue walls, carpet, ceilings, flowers, dishes, clothes, sapphires, aquamarines… I have a “blue” Pinterest board that makes me so happy!
4.       I love all lots of different kinds of music. When I used to order CDs from a club, I would get classical piano, choral, 70s soft rock, bluegrass, Motown… all in one order. During one short period  I was playing fiddle in bluegrass jams, piano at my church, and singing (German) Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony with our Symphony Chorus!
5.       I love to grow flowers and I love to save money, so I have been known to pinch off stems from unsuspecting plants in public places. It used to embarrass my daughters, but now they do it too!

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