Millennials are known for many cultural touchstones, and one of them is travelling. Unlike baby boomers, whose idea of a great life is having a house, several cars and money in the bank, Millennials find more joy in being able to see the world and not be tied down to an office job.

This generation, described by many as the generation of entitled and sheltered narcissists, puts great value on travelling. It has become an explosive trend, so much so that the travel and tourism industries are picking up and shifting their strategy. So why do Millennials love to travel so much?

Millennials and Mobility

As airfare and travel fees become cheaper, Millennials become more mobile. In an emerging sharing economy, pioneered by Airbnb, Uber and a plethora of mobile apps that make travel more practical and convenient, Millennials guiltlessly jump from one itinerary to another. Add to that increasing popularity of freelancing.

The Millennials, who also make up a bulk of the digital workforce, simply cannot be tied down to a full-time, stationary work in a cramped corporate office. When touring a foreign land, Millennials prefer walking or commuting to get around. Not just because it’s cheap, but because these digital nomads put a high regard for “authentic” experiences.

Millennials and Diversity

Diversity and multiculturalism are concepts that resonate well with Millennials. While Millennials have varied belief systems, they are more attuned to the multicultural trends that are shaping the world. Unlike their parents, they are more accepting of racial diversity in the neighborhood, school, workplace and peers.

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Perhaps, this explains why Millennials are more travelled than their parents, not only because they can, but because they seek experience and knowledge about other cultures. Millennials are not afraid of stepping out of their little bubble of privilege because travelling and exposure to different cultures are their source of vitality and growth.

“Bleisure” Travel Defined

To satiate their thirst for travelling, Millennials choose jobs that offer opportunities to travel abroad or work with a multicultural team. Quite known for being the entrepreneurial generation, Millennials love to engage in leisure activities during business or traditional work hours.

When looking for jobs, a major career decision is made around companies that offer flexible and favorable schedules and travel policies. When traveling for business, Millennials often deviate from their itinerary to customize their travel experience, all while seeking value for their money.

The world must accept that Millennials have unique tastes and habits. This intricately tech-savvy, socially-minded and travel-centric generation will soon dominate the global workforce, which means that employers should understand their needs and find new ways to get them to stay on the job. It’s only a matter of pulling the right strings.