Many women want luxurious and wavy tresses, but it's annoying how long it takes to grow it out. Hair extensions are a great alternative to achieve longer hair, but it has many types that choosing one might prove to be difficult. 

How do you choose what's best for you? Try every single one of them? No need. Elle. B Salon and other hair experts say that all you need is to take note of the following:

Clip-in or Flip-in

These are fun hair extensions. You can style and wash them like your own hair without long-lasting commitment. However, they can have a fake look (if not styled properly) and they can get ratty and worn-looking over time due to frequent use. The quality differs, especially if you're using synthetic instead of real hair, as they are not as strong when it comes to styling and washing.

Glue-in or Bonded 

Keratin-tipped strands are attached to your hair with the use of a little hot tool. These look great, hence their popularity. However, it requires significant maintenance as you need to have regular salon appointments. Moreover, there are many don'ts you need to follow. Don't apply conditioners, oils, or heated appliances near the area where you connect the extensions, as these can weaken the bond and result in the early detachment. If you must use a conditioner, condition only the lengths. 

Sew-in or Weave

These are ideal for coarse, curly, or thick hair since these types could handle the weight of the extensions. Sewn-in is attached or sewn into a section of your hair that is tightly braided. For maintenance, it is highly advisable that you visit your salon every six to eight weeks.

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Strands of your hair are attached to these extensions using a double-sided tape. If cared for properly, these could last up to five or six months. However, they can start to tangle as your own hair grows and it's also quite costly.

When looking for hair extensions, you must first decide what type you want and then which salon to get it done. Not all hair salons are created equal, so if you don't have a regular salon or stylist yet, better do your research to find the best salon in your area.