There are many ways to get a hold of affordable accommodations for your next holiday. All you have to do is to understand the pricing fundamentals of the different accommodations available to you. Below are some recommendations to help you look for affordable accommodations, especially when you prefer to ski only.

  • Refrain from booking during peak ski holiday season. There are many mid and low season weeks throughout a 20 week ski season. In truth, there are only six to eight definite peak season. Low ski season usually offer accommodations for 50% off or more.
  • Avoid reservations at ski resort centres and look for housing outside. You will be more surprised at how affordable accommodations cost the farther you are from the tourist office. You do not have to worry about the transfer to and from the slopes or airports because accommodation owners usually offer this service.
  • Book in advance as most owners provide early booking discounts before the season even begins.
  • Compare deals between accommodations for not every self-catering apartment costs less than catered ones. A majority of people who go on holidays assume that ski package deals are more costly than those organised individually, but that is not always the case. Compare all offers and compute the general cost, such as meals, transfers, flights and other extras like insurance, resort transfers and ski passes.
  • Search for affordable ski accommodation offers on-line. You only have to accomplish short request or single forms and these sites will forward your preference to registered and relevant accommodation providers. Chalet owners and ski apartments will then send you a quote and you can select the one that fits you. These sites do not use middle men or pay any commission, so you will get the most affordable accommodation there is.
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Spend your holiday expenses on family activities instead of accommodation. The above recommendations will help you find an affordable place for your next holiday.