Most people will vouch for the fact that nothing tastes better than a home-cooked meal. When you’re pressed for time, the idea of ordering take-out may be enticing, but if you wish to prepare healthier meals for your family, here are some options.

The Weekend Warrior

One way to do this is to spend a few hours every week preparing freezer meals – you may find this option easy to follow, as it is practical.

Plan the meals you want to have for the week ahead and choose a day that works best for you, ideally after you’ve gone grocery shopping. Prepare all your ingredients and place them in zip-locks or plastic food containers. This makes food preparation much easier, as you have everything set in the fridge. All you need to do is grab the bag for that particular day and cook its contents.

The Careful Consumer

A little bit of help in the kitchen won’t hurt. The reason most people opt for homemade dishes is that you can control the ingredients. This is important for people who have dietary restrictions, as fat, salt, and sugar content are easily monitored and modified. You can also add, replace, or exclude specific ingredients in case of allergies.

As long as you have a reputable source to purchase from, rest assured that you are buying quality ingredients. You can buy premade sauces, such as demi-glace sauces and soup bases, and combine these with frozen, ready-to-cook meals. This allows you to have meals on the table without wasting any time.

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The Middle-Grounder

If you don’t have that much time to spare, but would like to have more than one type food on the table, you can do a combination of both.

Partially prepare a portion of your meal. Cook the meat ahead of time, freeze them, and add the vegetables after. Use premade sauces and soups to add a little more punch to your meals.

Determined to prepare the best meals for your family? Scour the internet for recipes and resources! You are sure to find the right balance for you.