More and more people are living healthier and longer lives, and it’s common for us to reach 90, even 100. However, as we get older, we lose our teeth, be it from gum disease to tooth decay. We end up with full or partial dentures that could in turn lead to further tooth and bone loss. At such an advanced age, quality of life becomes more crucial than ever before.

Dental implants offer a solution. These could drastically improve the quality of life for seniors, allowing them to eat better, remain social, get better nutrition, and consequently lead healthy and active lifestyles.

The Elderly and Dental Implants

Regardless of your age, you should look for a dental surgeon when necessary. Even if with bone diseases or bone loss, you can still get dental implants. Age isn’t much of a factor for dental implant treatment eligibility, explains an orthodontist in Wimbledon. This also holds true for orthodontics if you’re wondering.

It’s also important to note that dental implant surgery, when performed by experienced and trained oral surgeons, is actually an easy and gentle procedure. In fact, the recovery time is substantially easier and faster than having a tooth extracted. The benefits of having a tooth implant is that you could have teeth immediately restored on the same day using a fixed denture, and have it completely heal for three months on its own prior to supporting your new set of teeth.

The Bottom Line

Oral surgeons do not assess your age, but your overall health. Before performing a dental implant procedure, the oral surgeon would first have to make certain that you’re not afflicted with immune system diseases, diabetes, or other similar conditions that could negatively impact healing. Worry not, if you’re generally healthy even above 90 years of age, you could still undergo dental implant treatment.

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Ageing is a fact of life, and it is the human to take care of ourselves to enjoy our years. If you want to keep eating good food or sing to your tune, having dental implants should bring you happiness.