Orthodontic Braces Are you planning to straighten your teeth through orthodontic braces? Maybe you fear to get them, even if necessary? If you answered yes to the both questions, below are four facts about orthodontic braces that you should know.

Adults Can Wear Them Too

Many people think that dental braces are only for teenagers or those who are going through puberty. This is a misconception we should disregard immediately. Anybody can wear and enjoy the benefits of orthodontic braces. The teeth never stop growing, meaning that anyone at any age can experience crooked or misaligned teeth, and seek treatment to correct it.

Orthodontists Are Ideal

Dentists are plenty of help, but when it comes to braces, it is ideal to seek the knowledge and expertise of an orthodontist. Dental braces entail complex cases, which an experienced orthodontist can solve more precisely. They have specialised training in tooth movement and jaw function and have experience on various types of orthodontic braces. When choosing one, make sure that he or she has certification.

There are “Invisible” Alternatives

Many are reluctant of getting braces because they fear the “metal mouth” cliché. But, thanks to innovation, orthodontic braces have better and more aesthetically-pleasing alternatives such as Invisalign or clear braces. Apart from providing that “invisible” look, Invisalign fit the mouth perfectly because of its tailor-made feature. If you are to compare dental brackets and Invisalign braces, before and after results aren’t that dissimilar from each other.

 Cost and Treatment Times Vary

Just like any cosmetic dentistry procedure, the cost and wearing period of orthodontic braces vary according to the complexity of the patient’s teeth. Two to three years is the usual period of wearing them, but some cases can reach six to seven years. Also, braces aren’t cheap. If a dental plan covers your treatment, you may still have to pay an amount, especially during check-ups. The cost for each patient depends on his or her case as well.

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Orthodontic braces allow people to enjoy healthier teeth and a more confident smile. When seeking the treatment, make sure to work with a certified dental practice.