You probably already know about bulimia and anorexia. For those who do not know, bulimia and anorexia are eating disorders. These disorders are widespread among millennials today. You may know less about another eating disorder, however, called binge eating disorder.

Eating Too Much in Too Little Time

Experts regard binge eating disorder (BED) and its symptoms as a serious condition with physical and psychological repercussions. You can recognize BED by a lavish amount of eating in one sitting. People suffering from BED, contrary to bulimia, however, eat without purging themselves later on of the food they ate.

Beyond Overeating

You may also confuse BED with overeating. Common overeating and binge eating disorder symptoms include weight gain. BED sufferers, however, gorge their food down; they eat beyond what their appetite wants. At the same time, they focus on negative feelings such as guilt, shame, and low self-esteem. These emotions fuel further bingeing, restarting the cycle anew.

Eating Disorder Help

You may know a person suffering from BED, or you yourself may have the condition. You can get yourself or your friend help from programs or services that specialize in eating disorders. You can take BED seriously, as it is now an epidemic among college students, although the disorder can affect people of all ages.

Physical BED Symptoms

You can recognize BED from binge eating disorder symptoms such as out of control food intake in a short period. You eat even when you are full and even when you already feel discomfort. You eat normally in the company of people but gorge down when you are alone. Finally, you keep eating for the whole day without set mealtimes.

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Psychological BED Symptoms

You can also notice emotional symptoms such as stress relief through binge eating. You feel embarrassed, guilty, and depressed with the amount of food you eat. You feel numb during a binge. You feel unsatisfied despite the amount of food you eat. Finally, you feel desperate to control our weight and habits.

What people need to know about BED is that it is treatable. The recovery process may take time, but you or your friend can be victorious over BED.