Chinese Cultural ItemsThe Chinese culture highlights some of the most ancient wisdom traditions in human history.  The Chinese have long held beliefs and practices that aim to improve life experiences with a vibrant and colourful literature concerning affluence, healing, and luck. The world has seen a collection of complex Chinese art forms that include paintings, sculptures, folklores and martial arts with pervading animal symbolisms.

Chinese antique retailers such as Just Anthony feature Chinese garden stools, vases, and furniture that incorporate animal symbols in their designs to enhance their authenticity. Other cultures also use these symbols, and their meanings are almost similar.

The Bat

The bat is a symbol of good luck in Chinese culture. It features in many Chinese objects and artworks. In designs, its colour and number change the meaning they convey. A red bat, for example, represents vast fortune while five bats are a powerful symbol for a combination of wealth and long life.

The Crane

The crane, a long-legged and long-necked bird, symbolises longevity and peace. It is also a prominent feature in other cultures where it represents honour, prestige, and spiritual creativity. The fact that a crane lives up to 60 years may be one of the reasons it is chosen as a symbol of long life.

The Fish

The Chinese word for fish, “yu”, is the same word for abundance and affluence. It is regarded as the symbol of wealth. It also represents unity and fidelity, given that fishes often swim in groups or pairs. Water is also rich in symbolism and often represents the womb. It is the reason fishes in water are a common symbol of fertility in other cultures.

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Human history is rich in symbolism and mythology. It is often viewed as man’s way of understanding and reflecting the mysteries of the universe. Beneath all of them are important beliefs that empower these symbols to create realities.