Sentosa is an island in Singapore that highlights countless attractions and activities for everyone. When on a visit to Singapore, you can make sure that you visit the island resort, as it is one of the premier attractions of the Lion City. 

You will likely spend several days in Sentosa if you want to try at least the majority of attractions and activities. You can look at some of the activities and attractions below.

Amusement Park

Sentosa is the home of Universal Studios Singapore. The size of the park guarantees that it will take you at least a day to explore the place thoroughly. The amusement park boasts rides, great food, performances, and much more. The park is open from 9 AM to 6 PM every day. You can research how much the tickets will cost.


Sentosa not only has amusement parks. The island also highlights some beaches where you can frolic under the sun and enjoy the water. You can also enjoy the additional features of beach bars and beach parties. In fact, if you time your visit to Sentosa, Singapore during New Year’s Eve, you can join in on the fun of a countdown party.

Coastal Forts

For the month of March only, Sentosa has some activities you can enjoy such as the Fort Siloso Nite Tour. During the tour, you will navigate the only preserved coastal fort in Singapore. You will only have a torchlight with you, so be prepared for a memorable experience.

Movie Nights

When you want to have a more relaxing experience, you can head on over to the film theatre set up on a beach in Sentosa. Admission is free. You can watch a variety of movies ranging from Hollywood blockbusters to Asian favourites.

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You can find many more activities to do and place to visit in Sentosa through thorough research. You can reach Sentosa by cable car, the Sentosa Express, by vehicle, and by bicycle. You can even walk to Sentosa via the Sentosa Boardwalk.