If you know someone who wants to recover from addiction – whether to drugs or alcohol – you have most likely heard the suggestion of detox or rehab in helping the struggling person recover. Often, people mix up the terms and assume that one is better than the other. In most cases, detox and rehab work better together to aid a person’s journey to sobriety.

Cleansing the body

It might be more accurate to describe detox and rehab as part of an overall process to recover fully from substance abuse and return to a normal, healthier lifestyle. Detox pertains to detoxifying (or cleansing) the body of all harmful/addictive substances through a series of medical visits. It is a purely physical ‘purging’ of all severely addictive chemicals, like opium and heroin, through the intake of medication such as benzodiazepines, and antidepressants, among others.

Recovery from addiction usually starts with detox to alleviate drug or alcohol withdrawal. Often, it does not involve a patient’s emotional and psychological healing that is needed to live completely substance-free. This last phase is where rehabilitation comes in.

Rejuvenating the mind

Rehab is a lengthy process which begins with the patient enlisting into a residency program. At a rehabilitation facility, patients undergo continuous psychological treatment and evaluation to learn the cause and effect of their addiction. Getting to the root of their dependence and learning how to live without the substances or practices they are addicted to are often difficult but an ultimately rewarding experience.

A hybrid of physical and emotional treatment

Intriguingly, there are alternative detox programs that incorporate rehab-type treatment without the time-consuming factor. An emerging psychedelic known as Ibogaine – extracted from West African herbs – provides addiction treatment minus the painful withdrawal symptoms. The cost of Ibogaine addiction treatment will depend on the type of program you need, but it only takes mere days, and patients finish the program with a renewed sense of purpose.

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Whichever route to recovery a patient receives, only the will to get better is what matters. The will to do whatever it takes to return to a healthy and purposeful life is the ultimate detoxifying and rehabilitative essence there is.