Statistics reveal that more than ten percent of the U.S. working population work from home. A good number of these employees are mothers. While working from home has its privileges, it lacks the structured office environment which is important for productivity. Below are five tips on getting more done while working from the comfort of your home.

1. Create a proper workspace

A home office will help you concentrate and can help you be more productive because you can keep distractions at a minimum. Working behind a proper desk and chair is also likely to give you more comfort and convenience than sitting on a sofa. True. Not everyone can afford a private home office but even so, this doesn’t mean that you have to work from your favorite spot on the couch facing the TV. Set aside a small part of the room where you are less likely to be distracted. You are more likely to be more productive that way.

2. Consider day care for your children

Children can be the greatest distraction for young mothers working from home. Daycare is a great idea to create some time for yourself to work while giving your children the opportunity to experience learning with other children. If you are considering the service, daycare centers in Salt Lake City are readily available for infants to kids up to the age of 12. These daycare centers, such as Smart Kids Development Center, provide classes and games that educate children of all ages.

3. Set some deadlines

People work better when they are under some sort of pressure. This is because they either want to prove that they are up to the expectations or because they are afraid of the consequences for not delivering within a certain time frame. Setting realistic deadlines can challenge you to put in more effort and ultimately result in increased productivity.

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4. Motivate yourself

Many studies have proven that motivation increases employee productivity. Motivate yourself with small rewards for your accomplishments. It can be as simple as allowing yourself to watch a movie or treating yourself to a delicious meal after a certain task.

5. Do some exercise

Experts agree that taking constant breaks during work can boost concentration and increase productivity. During these work breaks, exercise is a good idea. A research carried out by Stockholm University revealed that exercise during work might increase productivity.

You can only be more productive while working from home if you are committed to making changes in your work pattern and in removing things that distract you. Follow these tips and you’ll make that work-home life balance work for you.