The most recently available statistics on drug use and abuse reveal that around 130,000 people in Salt Lake City aged 13 and above have used an illegal drug within the last year. This means that more than 15% of the entire population has tried or done at least one. What’s even more concerning is that this percentage exceeds the national average of drug use rate among Americans.

Misuse that Leads to Substance Abuse Disorder

Studies also show that over 50% of the drug-using population (about 76,000 individuals) have a serious substance abuse disorder. This condition branches out to numerous other problems, including health issues, and challenges at home, school, or work. Its primary symptoms include confusion, violence, hostility, inability to stop drug consumption, dependence on drugs to function, and weight loss among many others.

More Scary Facts on Drug Use, Misuse, and Abuse

It’s also worthy to note that, despite Utah having an overall use of illegal street drug ratio lower than the countrywide average, it’s still a leading state in terms of illegal use of prescription drugs, which often leads to misuse and abuse. This is particularly the case for the Salt Lake City metropolitan area, wherein 6.3% of its overall population age 12 and above misuse these medications, whereas only 5.4% of all Utahans do.

And to make matters even worse, the state sees about 23 of its residents succumb to overdose on a monthly basis, with many of them living in SLC.

Treating the Problem before It Becomes an Addiction

It’s important for the friends and family of a drug user to extend their care and support. As soon as they notice signs of use, misuse, or abuse, they should already seek the help of a drug addiction recovery facility in Salt Lake City before it turns into a life-threatening problem.

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Substance use and abuse put everyone at risk of health problems and even premature death, so it’s critical to act immediately, especially if you know a loved one is suffering from this condition.