Every new year is a good time to renew, revise and set new resolutions, especially for dance enthusiasts; but millennials don’t want to hear that. Most of them have grown knowing they can set goals anytime, and when stuff doesn’t work out (as they had planned), they can always learn from their failures and set fresh goals.

And, ideally, that’s how you should run your life in this age. Irrespective of whether you want to appear in a live stream dance show or, simply, to learn the basic elements of dance choreography, setting smart goals will help you lead a successful life. A fulfilling one, as well.

Here’s more about smart goals in dancing:

1. Specificity – Clearly outlining the specific achievements you want to live up to as a dancer will give you a sense of purpose and direction.

2. Measurable – Can you section your long term dance goals into sub-goals? If you can articulately measure your achievements at every stage of your dance goals, every milestone you hit will encourage you to remain on track.

3. Attainability – If even after throwing your whole self into your next dance project you do not seem to be making any progress, it is time you found another niche in which to invest your time, energy and other resources.

4. Realistic – Forget about the edgy stuff if your body cannot take it in. Well, that’s not to say if you cannot dance this industry is not for you. You can write about dancing. Who knows, you could even be the next best choreographer in town! Bottom line…be real.

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5. Timely – A lot has changed in the dancing industry. There are new dance rules, dancing styles have evolved, more advanced techniques in choreography have flooded the industry, and the list goes on and on. So, for you to remain relevant in the industry, ensure you set goals in line with current trends.

As a passionate dancer, you have goals (big and small) to achieve, such as performing in the next live stream dance show, teaching your kids how to dance, learning the many different terms in ballet dancing, and more, that giving up is not an option. You need to remain resilient to make your dreams, goals, resolutions a reality.