Did you know that dancing enhances brain function on different levels? Studies reveal how different kinds of practice enable dancers to reach peak performance. This happens when they combine cognitive and cerebral thought processes with proprioception and muscle memory in the cerebellum. To maximize brain function, the professional dancers you see in viral dance show videos incorporate routine aerobic training at least once a week.

Is this why professional dancers never get dizzy?

You started dancing when you were young and even remember all the dance moves from famous musicals. You still, however, get dizzy when doing certain steps. Fortunately, another study proved that dancing could help recover your balance and make you less dizzy. All you need to do is to dance more than usual and your balance will get better.

The study conducted involved analyzing the brain structures of ballerinas to identify why they never get dizzy when they perform. Researchers concluded that training for years allowed them to stop body signals from notifying the balance organs in your inner ear connected to the cerebellum. This astounding revelation can help people who experience chronic dizziness, which happens to affect one in four individuals at some point in their life.

Do visualizing movements enhance muscle memory?

Based on an article published in 2013, dancers can increase their capacity to accomplish complicated steps by practicing them slowly and converting them to cues using markings. The findings suggest that markings can relieve the struggle between the physical and cognitive aspects of dance training. This allows dancers to repeat and memorize the moves more fluidly.

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You see, your favorite hobby doesn’t only help you sweat. You can eventually be immune from dizziness and have a more improved muscle memory. Keep on practicing those dance moves and let the music move you.