Using electronic medical records (EMR) for your patients is a time-saver, and it makes your life so much easier. Many physicians have started to use EMR technologies to create more accurate patient profiles, facilitate the creation of treatment plans, search the web for clinical information, and hasten the overall recovery of their patients.

Dragon Medical, for example, is one of the well-known providers of EMR solutions and speech recognition software. Many physicians have already started using their programs in their clinics and the health care institutions they work for. And yet, the painful truth remains that some clinicians feel like EMR programs are slowing them down.

How can you keep up with the changes in the EMR industry? With adequate training, of course. Dragon medical training is available for first-time users, so you can discover this powerful electronic health record workflow keeper.

Get a glimpse of Dragon’s training and discover how it can benefit you and your patients:

What’s in a Dragon Medical Training?

As a new EMR solutions user, you’re ready to start making Dragon work for you. But first, you need to learn the ropes of operating Dragon EMR software.

There are two types of training for you to learn how Dragon’s software works:

  • Enrollment Training

The program needs to learn your voice, so it can decipher anything you tell it in the future. Hence, the enrollment training is designed to let Dragon know and recognize your voice. You’ll read simple to complex text to the software, so it gets accustomed to your voice and accents. You’re free to choose the stories you want to read aloud.

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Dragon recognizes your voice in an approximate span of seven to 10 minutes. This timeframe is enough for the software to create accurate results based on your vocabulary bank.

If you have time to spare, train longer and read more passages often to build up more vocabulary and ensure better accuracy in dictating and deciphering.

  • User Training

This pushes the enrollment training further by learning how to talk to Dragon itself. You’ve built a recognition and vocabulary in the first training phase, so the next one teaches you how to use the program properly. It also lets you learn to troubleshoot the program, and contains information on overall program preparation.

Benefits of Dragon Medical Training

You’ll get these benefits when you start training for Dragon’s EMR solutions:

  • Helps physicians work smoothly with the software itself
  • Works with any voice accurately, even with strong accents
  • Enhances physician’s productivity at work
  • Reduces costs associated with transcription
  • Improves patient care and satisfaction

If you want to have improved medical practice, why not try EMR solutions like Dragon software? After a few training sessions, you’re ready to use the software for managing your patients’ data more effectively. That will ultimately guide you in providing the best care possible.