Getting a tattoo is becoming more popular in the U.S. Currently, 3 in 10 Americans (29%) have at least one tattoo, and seven out of 10 of them have two or more. With the popularity of tattoos, how do you choose the right tattoo artist?

Before you get yourself inked, it’s best to scout the right artist in different tattoo shops in Los Angeles, California. Here are some ways to help you pick the right one:

1. Do your research

Visit as many tattoo shops as you can. When inside, check whether or not their studio has clean equipment and practices good hygiene. Needles and other tools undergo sterilization before tattoo application to avoid unwanted infection, like HIV. Protect yourself by making sure that the tattoo shop practices a certain standard.

2. Review past work

Many tattoo shops have one to several artists who guarantee to create your tattoo beautifully and carefully. Review their portfolio and check if they suit your taste. A tattoo is something that will last permanently, so make sure that you are getting if not the best, then at least a trusted and professional artist.

3. Ask around

Ask around for a recommendation. Find a friend, colleague, relative, or a person you look up to who has a tattoo and ask where they got inked. This could at least assure you of the shop’s quality of work, as you can see the tattoo in person.

While getting a tattoo may be exciting, take your time and do your research. Make sure that you’re decided before getting one because there’s no backing out once the ink is there on your skin. When everything is final, go to a tattoo shop you fully trust.

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