It is almost the June holidays again, and you know what that means — the children are probably looking forward to a holiday trip you have planned for them.

According to the Ministry of Education, the official school holiday between semesters 1 and 2 is between 27 May (Saturday) and 25 June (Sunday). This means you have more than enough time to take the kids out for a well-deserved vacation after working hard this semester. It is, however, not only about getting them out of the house.

Here are some reasons to keep planning holiday trips.

It Encourages Exploration

You don’t have to look far to book a holiday trip for the books. For instance, you can easily browse through Sentosa Online Store for available packages they have for June. The activities, which include themed attractions and Sentosa FunFest, an annual mega beach carnival, encourage your children to explore and discover things they do not normally learn within the confines of a classroom.

It Promotes Physical Activity

Smartphones and tablets are great in the sense that you can use them to communicate instantly with people. They are also a blessing for people who love reading books and watching movies but are always on the go. It could make your children sedentary, though. On top of dance classes or athletic training, a holiday trip helps keep them active.

It Makes Way for Family Bonding

A survey that the Families for Life Council conducted last year finds that family remains a top priority among Singaporeans. It may be a challenge to arrange family bonding, what with long working hours and hectic school schedules, so the holidays are a perfect time to catch up and spend quality time with each other.

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A holiday trip with your family does more than entertain your children during the June holidays. It enables them to explore, stay active and spend time with the family. Let them live life to the fullest by planning one today.