Ninety-seven years after prohibition, people still wonder how it was possible that something as socially acceptable as alcohol ever became an illegal product. Society now wonders if the government is making a mistake in slowing marijuana’s full legalization; especially in the area of its medicinal uses.

Right now, only 10 states are marijuana-friendly and only four have full legalization for the drug. While things have improved from a decade ago, pro-cannabis activists and supporters still push for the legal right to use marijuana.

The reality is that most states are still in limbo when it comes to the matter of marijuana legalization. In Nevada, medical dispensaries like the Nevada Wellness Center are doing the grunt work themselves, pushing and promoting responsible use of quality medicinal marijuana products to its patients. But Nevada is one of the more optimistic places for legalization. Many proponents of the move to legalize feel that the government seeks to hinder the growth of awareness about marijuana’s many benefits.

A Larger View

As of now, even without encompassing studies, scientists are already able to link medical marijuana use to relief from pain, stress and even Parkinson’s disease. Even if legalization were not on the table, a sanctioned study would confirm all the good things about marijuana.

Easier said than done, because of marijuana still being a Class-1 drug. The government is allowing more studies, but changing society’s collective mind about marijuana won’t progress with the classification in effect. There is so much promise to the responsible use of marijuana, but it’s hard to go advance the cause with such a large burden and stigma attached to it.

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Real Talk

When talking about marijuana, there are some minor side effects that some people deem undesirable. These include dizziness, vomiting, weight gain, and disorientation. If all these sound familiar, it’s because alcohol has the same exact effect on a person. Anyone with a low tolerance for alcohol will definitely feel all these things, much as the person who has never inhaled marijuana smoke before. Yet, alcohol is legal and pot is not.

As a natural product, marijuana doesn’t deserve its illegalization and negative classification. Studies point to its nature as a beneficial product, rather than a simple recreational drug. But, despite all the restrictions, there are organizations and dispensaries across the country that hold out optimism for those who need access.