If you are a woman and you have a business in Utah, here are some of the traits that you need to succeed in the field. Remember, it takes more than just a lot of attitude.

The ability to build a strong business network.

In the past, the term “networking” has been pushed around in such a bad light. However, the truth is that networking is nothing more than having good business relationships with your colleagues and even competitors. It’s about creating and maintain strong business ties with people you have a lot in common with—the people you can learn from and the people who can help open new doors for you. Nevertheless, it is not just about you. To build a strong business network, you need to be able to do the same for your contacts to make yourself worthy of belonging in their circles.

The ability to negotiate.

Even if you set out with a great business plan, not everything will go your way. In fact, expect a lot of closed doors and rejections. What sets you apart from the pack is the ability to adjust your sales or to negotiate when you cannot get what you want. You have to learn how to be stubborn with your goals but highly flexible with your plans. This quality will prevent you from being stuck.

The ability to be assertive.

While a lot has changed in the past decades, the business world is still largely dominated by men. Despite the advancements for women in today’s modern world, a female boss still gets a lot of bad rep from her male counterparts. Assertiveness is crucial if you want to be successful in any field you pick, whether it is building your own business or climbing the corporate ladder. The ability to make your case rationally will earn you the respect you need from your colleagues.

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All the Successful Ladies, Put Your Hands Up

Success is not just about the right timing; it is also about having the right mindset and drive. If you have a business in Utah and you want to succeed, make sure you work on these three top traits.