Jewelry on displayDiamonds are a girl’s best friend, and accessories are the best complementary objects to one’s wardrobe. Salt Lake City’s AAA Jewelers share that the right pieces can add a touch of spark for an evening out and attending glamorous events. To avoid being too plain, you can mix and match your jewelry and create an entirely new-look.

But don’t wear dull and rusty pieces. The accessories would just look cheap. To help maintain the sheen and sparkle of your jewelry, use the following guide to cleaning your precious pieces.

Exposure to Light and Heat

Keep your jewelry away from heat and light, as both may cause fracture in high-grade gemstones. Exposure to both can remove any natural moisture contained in the gems. The color may fade or the gem might crack.

Keep Away from Chemical Substances

Chemical substances such as alcohol, perfume, and other harsh liquids could damage your jewelry. If you are swimming, remove your accessories before dipping into the chlorinated pool. Some substances are corrosive and could permanently damage the surface of stones and gems.

Choose your Cleaners Well

Not all cleaners are good for your jewelry. It is better to use ultrasonic cleaners, or natural organic substances to remove dirt and rust from your jewelry. Do not use, however, ultrasonic cleaners on pearls, amber, and ivory, or on any type of gem with wax or plastic.

Better yet, simply dip the gems in warm water and use the mildest soap as cleaning agent. Avoid using abrasive cleaning tools; a makeup brush with soft bristles will do.

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Sort Your Diamonds

Diamonds may be the hardest stone, but this doesn’t make them invulnerable to damage. Store them properly, away from other gems, to prevent scratching between stones.

Post-Wearing Care

Sweat and dirt may cling to your jewelry and stones, so it’s best to wipe them with a damp cloth right after wearing them. The gems will immediately be lustrous after wiping.

Caring for your jewelry should be done regularly; don’t waste your precious pieces and the money you spent on them. Maintenance is the key to keeping them shiny and looking new.