If you watch a movie set in the 1970s, you’ll notice that even the most beautiful stars have slightly wonky, not brilliant white teeth. Nowadays, perfectly aligned teeth have become so the norm of TV that someone without them can seem almost unsightly. Small wonder then that so many adults who lead regular lives, away from the celebrity spotlight, are also choosing to invest in braces.

There are now many different systems of braces available for adults. Most dentists, such as at Denchic Dental Spa in North London, offer at least a few of these systems. This is because each system addresses a different dental need.

They all make use of modern technology to offer ways to straighten teeth that are far more discreet and comfortable than the traditional metal train track braces.

Let’s take a look at these various systems so that you can find out more about them from your own dentist.

Inman Aligner

This braces system is designed to realign the front teeth only. It is a removable appliance, so that you can take it out for eating and cleaning. Worn as prescribed, it can straighten up your teeth in only 6 to 18 weeks.

Six Month Smiles

This is a fixed bracket and wire system, with the added plus of using clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires that are barely visible. As the name suggests, this braces system can realign teeth in an average of 6 months.


This system uses custom-made tight-fitting trays. You wear a series of them, each for 2 weeks. Each one gradually shifts your teeth towards their desired positions.

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This is a system for making simple corrections to the front 6 teeth on the upper and lower jaws. These are the teeth that get seen in most day to day situations. They are known as the ‘social six’. Cfast uses barely noticeable clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires fixed to the front surfaces of the teeth.


This train track style brace provides fast results by realigning both the crown and root at the same time, unlike standard braces, which move teeth in 2 stages.