It’s a common misconception that dental problems come with old age, and this belief leads some elderly individuals to let regular dental care fall to the wayside.

The truth is, with proper oral care, the mouth can remain healthy for as long as you live. With good dental care habits and regular visits to a compassionate family dentist in Boise, such as those from Caring Smiles Dental Clinic, even older adults who have earlier lost some of their teeth can still save their mouth from serious periodontal diseases.

Here are some health problems that you may dodge if you make oral care a vital part of your lifestyle:

Heart Disease

Many studies have shown that gum disease and heart disease are linked. The American Academy of Periodontology says that individuals with the periodontal disease are twice as likely to have cardiovascular disease or coronary heart disease.

By keeping your mouth healthy, you can minimize the risk of strokes, heart attacks, and other heart conditions.


According to research, there is a link between poor oral health and pneumonia among older adults. As seniors breathe in bacterial droplets, the bacteria tend to travel to the lungs. Seniors, among other age groups, are most susceptible to this condition. Experts highlight the importance of monitoring the oral health care of elders in nursing homes and caregiving situations, particularly since residents tend to rely on the staff and caregivers to care for their teeth.


Severe gum disease or periodontitis can impair your body’s ability to use insulin, while high blood sugar – a known effect of diabetes – can cause gum infection. Good oral care can help prevent this condition.

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When it comes to keeping the mouth healthy, no one is too young or too old. Visiting a reliable family dentist can make all the difference between living with health concerns and having a worry-free retirement.