For terminally ill patients such as people diagnosed with advanced stages of cancer, hospice care provides the proper medical assistance and spiritual and emotional support. It likewise helps members of the family cope with the emotional challenges and practical details that caring for a loved one entails.

The objective is to make everyone comfortable.

What Is Hospice Care?

A hospice program may be in the form of hospice home care in Indiana, much like what institutions such as Hospice of the Calumet Area provide. It can be in a hospital, long-term care facility or a nursing home.

While some people may think that hospice is the last resort and translates to giving up on life, it is simply a kind of care primarily focused on improving the quality of the patient’s life, instead of trying to prolong it with continuous treatment.

Why Opt for Hospice Care

The final stages of a terminal illness are often difficult to deal with, both for the patient and his family. Many people tend to lose control, and hospice care can provide guidance and offer options. Knowing your options somehow gives a semblance of control as it allows you to decide on things that matter to you.

Types of Hospice Services Available

Following are the common services available in hospice care facilities:

  • 24/7 access to particular hospice team members.
  • Basic medical care focused on symptom and pain control.
  • Social support and counseling to help the patient and his family deal with emotional, spiritual, and psychological issues.
  • Medical equipment and supplies, as required.
  • Respite for family, caregivers, and other people usually tasked to provide care for the patient.
  • Volunteer support like running errands and preparing meals.
  • Guidance through the normal, but often difficult, issues associated with the end of life.
  • Support and counseling for loved ones after the death of the patient.
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Death, especially of a loved one, is often difficult to accept and deal with. However, it is inevitable, and hospice care can make acceptance and dealing with impending death easier to bear.