Finding a life partner or a potential spouse has gotten more difficult in this modern age where you spend most of your time working or running a business. There is not much time to rest and do the things you want, much less find someone to share it with. As such, you will normally have to content with your natural circles, such as officemates and neighbors. The other alternative is to subscribe to an online dating site. Since these sites do not manage or regulate their memberships, the person whom you’re “dating” may be under false pretenses.

Thankfully, there’s a premium option. Matchmaking services in Chicago, such as LUMA – Luxury Matchmaking, use profiling techniques to find the person whose traits and personal circumstances matches yours.

There are four reasons you want to use this type of service:

  1. It removes some of the guesswork. Normally, you’d go out on a few dates with a “candidate” to see if your attraction goes beyond the physical. This is not a reliable technique because your date has the instinct to put his/her best foot forward. A matchmaking service provides matches for you, based on your character and traits, with other searchers. At the very least, your first date is someone whose profile meets your criteria and vice-versa.
  2. It expands your search area. One criterion you can set for your preferences is the location of your “candidate”. The distance of the person from your location is an important factor.
  3. It shortens the search time. Simply put, a matchmaking service takes care of all the preliminary “work” in finding your match. All you will need to do is call the person to set the first and subsequent dates.
  4. It identifies those who are also searching. It is so frustrating when you find the person you are dating does not have the same objective as you do. A matchmaking service takes this preference in your profile and matches it with those who have the same purpose.
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Matchmaking is similar to job recruitment; you might need experience several rejections before finding your true love. The important thing to remember is to provide truthful information on your profile so that you will be able to find the right match.