Girl Getting Cosmetic TreatmentYou’ve probably heard of the Kybella treatment. It’s the new, non-invasive injectable designed to improve the appearance of “double chin”. The injection contains a naturally occurring molecule that effectively reduces moderate to severe fat on the chin. What’s great is that it only destroys the fats and leaves the other cells untouched and healthy.

If you’re planning to get this new cosmetic treatment soon, here are some do’s and don’ts to remember, as suggested by Allure Aesthetic Surgery of Beverly Hills:

1. Inform your doctor about your medications

During your consultation, make sure you inform your doctor about the current medications you’re taking, even if it’s just fish oil. It’s important to stop taking these at least two weeks before the treatment. If you’re on strict medication, be sure to confirm with your doctor first that you’re about to get Kybella treatment so they can confirm halting your medications.

2. Limit salt intake

Limit your salt intake at least three days before your scheduled Kybella treatment. If you’re on a strict diet, inform all your doctors and dieticians about the scheduled treatment.

3. Deal with the post-treatment swelling

Expect some swelling after getting the injection. For some people, it might look severe and alarming. Do not be alarmed, as this is part of the treatment and it subsides after a few days. Some people use a scarf or even a turtleneck to hide the post-treatment swelling. Other than this, do not take OTC medication to deal with the swelling. You can also try putting ice on the swollen area to ease it a bit.

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While there are some exercises designed to reduce the appearance of a double chin, some people find getting cosmetic treatments a better way to deal with more severe cases. Kybella has been proven safe and effective. Try it and work only with a reputable physician.