In a 2016 survey, London ranked 17th in the list of the most expensive cities in the world. As accurate as this ranking may be, it should not hinder you from giving the city a shot. There are ways to live in London on the cheap. Here are three.

Cheap Accommodation

Contrary to popular belief, the term “cheap accommodations in London is not any oxymoron. You can have them especially in areas like Forest Hill, Catford, Leyton, Waltham Forest, and Barnet.

If you want to stay as close to the city centre as possible, there are also budget accommodations catering to students and young working professionals.

Cheap Eats

Would you believe that you could spend as little as £1 for a mouth-watering lamb shish skewer in London? All you have to do is head on over to Camberwell and look for Silk Road. Here you will find an array of Chinese dishes cooked extravagantly but are on the cheap.

Other establishments to check out for affordable food options include Chick ‘n’ Sours, Pizza Street, Snaps and Rye, Dosa n Chutny, Counter Culture, and Brickhouse. In these places, you will only have to spend as much as £5 for a filling meal.

Cheap Transport

The cost of going around London could add up if you do not know how to cheap out on city transport. For transport fares, the contactless payment card Oyster is your most affordable bet.

To compare, with Oyster you can ride the tube from Liverpool St. to Oxford Circus for £2.40 as opposed to the £4.90 you have to pay in cash. You can get Oyster by depositing £5, which is refundable. You can then load up the card and use it for the bus, tube, and rail rides.

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Everyone should experience living in London at least once in their lives. If you think you have what it takes to thrive in this city, do not let the prices scare you away.