Across cultures, there has always been a form of jewelry people use. These could be ivory, shells, or even stones. However, in all of history, there have only been two metals that appeal to many jewelers, such as AAA Jewelers, since time immemorial: gold and silver.


Gold is rarer than silver, which is why it's considered more valuable. Its malleability and luster also contribute to its appeal. However, what makes gold even more attractive is its resistance to tarnish.

These qualities have made gold the metal of choice for kings. The brilliance of its color has been compared to the sun, while its noncorrosive qualities have made it a symbol of eternity.

For many jewelers, gold is a good material for a delicate and refined design. It is the best material for a delicate necklace or bracelet or even a ring.

Gold comes in many colors, such as white, pink, yellow, and rose. White gold has been around since the 1920s, and has been paired with diamonds in jewelry to set off their unique sparkle. Yellow gold has been the choice of royalty from Ancient Egypt to the present. Its warmer tone allows jewelers to use other colored stones such as rubies, emeralds, and even lapis lazuli to create an appealing contrast.


Silver is more reactive than gold, and so was rarely used mainly for ornamentation and money. Though silver tarnished, in some civilizations, it was more expensive than gold because of its local rarity. Also, silver was more difficult to mine than gold. Even now, some markets consider silver to be more expensive than gold.

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Jewelers like to use silver for bolder and bigger designs. A chunky silver bracelet gives an aura of modernity and youth to the wearer. Silver also complements gray and blue stones.

Sterling silver has become the prime choice for many jewelers. An alloy of silver and another metal, it is much stronger than fine silver. Sterling silver has been in use since ancient times, but these days we see it as the material of choice for quality cutlery and designer jewelry.

Make a Choice

Gold and silver will always be on top of someone's list when it comes to jewelry. Choose the one that fits your outfit and skin tone to dazzle the one you've always wanted to attract.