You love your girlfriend and you want to marry her. You want her to know that you are serious about your relationship and the most certain way to do this is to propose to her with an engagement ring. If you choose the right ring and present it in a way that sweeps her off her feet, you are on your way to the altar for sure.

AAA Jewelers provides some helpful tips on choosing the perfect engagement ring in Utah.

Know your Budget and Stick to It

Unless you are swimming in a deep pool of money, there is a limit as to what you can afford to pay for an engagement ring. A good rule of thumb is to set aside the equivalent of two to three months’ worth of your salary as your budget for the ring and the event you plan to offer it in. The important thing to remember is, once you have decided how much you will spend, stick to it no matter what. You do not want to bite off more than you can chew.

Consider your Fiancé’s Lifestyle

If you know, and are comfortable, with your fiancé’s lifestyle, then you should consider when choosing an engagement ring and the venue for your proposal.

Be Creative in Making Your Proposal an Event to Remember

Make the engagement ring the symbol of a very memorable event. This is where your creativity comes in. A good idea would be to take her on what she thinks is a regular “chill” date that you’ve pre-arranged to turn into a fine dining experience.

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Another would be to take her to a bar where a band is playing and pre-arrange for the singer to call you up on stage and sing your theme song with the lyrics changed so you can pop the question in front of a live audience.

An engagement is a prelude to the promise of better things to come. Make the promise a memorable one with the engagement ring as the symbol of your unending love, and you are off to a good start with your future wife.