Singapore is filled with remarkable tourist spots that cater to every family member’s interest. For kids, it might be easy to just take them to one of its many theme parks, but the island of Sentosa offers much more in the way of entertainment value and educational experience.

Attractions such as KidZania, MOSH!, Sentosa Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom provide hours of fun and learning for kids, as these places cleverly integrate flashy visual elements with educational activities that stimulate curiosity, creativity, and a sense of responsibility. Parents looking to give children a memorable vacation can learn more from the Sentosa Online Store’s valuable troves of information.

KidZania Singapore

This huge theme park simulates a small city, complete with commercial and civic establishments where kids can role-play. It’s a giant playhouse where children can work as doctors, police officers, store owners, fire-fighters, chefs, and the list goes on.

All the buildings are wonderfully crafted, providing (semi) realistic depictions of actual city activities. There’s even a currency that kids can earn called kidZos, and learning to spend their earnings wisely teaches kids the importance of financial responsibility.


Interactivity is the main feature of this theme park, capitalising on kids’ obsession with digital devices. One of MOSH’s interactive digital installations, the Doodle Aquarium involve kids drawing creatures on paper, which then gets projected onto a giant aquarium-like screen where their creations come to life. It’s a great way to harness creativity in children, giving them the extra thrill of seeing their craft realised.

For pure fun, the Fireworks Party installation lets kids loose in front of a screen filled with motion sensors, with each movement triggering a fantastic display of digital fireworks.

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Sentosa Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom

For the more science and biology-inclined types, this conservatory houses over 15,000 butterflies with 50 species, and 3,000 other insect species for the ultimate entomology experience. Rare varieties like the 160mm Hercules Beetle will surely fascinate kids, with other enclosures featuring animals like birds and reptiles, just to increase variety.

Visiting one or all of these attractions will surely leave a lasting impression on children, both as fun experiences as well as increased stores of knowledge and creativity.