The many lakes and the presence of a wide variety of fish such as salmon and bass make Michigan the mecca for anglers. The state also welcomes the likes of you with open arms, but before you head to the waterways, pay attention to some of the ground rules:


Before you can fish, you need to secure a permit and a license, which you should carry with you at all times, especially when you’re on the waters. There are different licenses and permits, as well as fees. If you’re a non-resident fisher, your fee is around $266. If you’re planning to stay and fish within 72 hours, you need to pay $30. Here’s the complete list of the fees.

Besides following these rules, you can make your fishing experience more memorable and fun by investing in a fiberglass pontoon. Preowned or new, D&R Sports Center says that these are the boats you didn’t know you were looking for. Check out some of the models in a pontoon boat store in Michigan today.

Catch and Release Season

Michigan promotes maintaining the balance of its marine ecosystem, so you cannot keep your catch all the time. In fact, the catch and immediately release season runs for the entire year. But you have the option to keep the fish during the later months, and the beginning dates depend on where you’re fishing. If you’re in Great Lakes, it starts on the Saturday before Memorial Day.

Invasive Species

Invasive species refer to aquatic plants and organisms that can invade the Michigan waters, populate, and eventually compete with the endemic or native species. In turn, this creates and imbalance and damages the ecosystem.

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The state is working hard to prevent the cases of invasive species. It advises boaters and anglers not to clean or remove aquatic plants while in the water. You should also throw unwanted bait in the trash and never proceed to the waters with unclean boats.

Be always careful when fishing, whether in following rules or venturing out into the open sea. You want to come back for a second trip, and these are ways you can achieve that.