Asserting one’s identity is very important. Millions of people all over the world find that one way to do this is to get a tattoo. Even though tattoos have been popular for a long time with the rise of tattoo parlors such as High Voltage Tattoo, several new trends are on the rise as more and more people choose to get inked by anyone of the more famous tattoo artists in Los Angeles.

Tiny Tattoos

Body art like tattoos used to be very prominent and visible at first glance. However, this new rising trend of small tattoos is mostly done with small outline drawings that are usually easy to hide. This makes it appealing to people who are attracted to simple designs and those who want a tattoo that is symbolic without being too noticeable.

Inner Arm Tattoos

Much like tiny tattoos, the charm of inner arm tattoos lies on being able to hide them easily. If the person is standing in the neutral position (arms on the side), there is no way to see this body art. It is only revealed once the arm is spread outward. Most people who choose to have inner arm tattoos consider it to be more ‘personal’ because it is only revealed to other people when they decide to open up to them.

Script (Handwriting)

More and more people choose to have tattoos of words or number as if they were written directly on their skin. Since a tattoo is a permanent commitment, those with script tattoos tend to value both the word or date that is written, as well as the person whose handwriting is showcased.

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Other trends worth taking a look at are geometric designs, cosmetic tattoos, and scar tattoos. Though more and more minimalistic designs are being favored, this does not mean that choosing the right tattoo artists in LA should not be a priority. Whatever tattoo style you have in mind, it is always important to find a trustworthy tattoo artist who can execute your design exactly as you imagined it.