The growing popularity of selfies (self-portraits), Instagram-worthy photos and style icons drive more people to enhance their appearances. Their increase in numbers is great encouragement for beauty-related businesses,especially for beauty salons, to reach out to potential clients.

Marketing your salon in a competitive field, however, proves a challenge.

How do you stand out?

Good services will go to waste if potential clients do not know about them. But good marketing need not come at expensive costs either. In fact, shareable social media photos (including selfies) can start in your own salon with a model to showcase your styling talents.

It Starts with the Lighting

Proper lights, such as magnifying lamps from PJS Beauty Salon Equipment, a local supplier, can work for beauty treatments and for illumination of certain areas. Stylish lamps especially add to the overall ambience of the salon.

But apart from enhancing your salon’s space, did you know you can also use lights for your marketing strategy?

When it comes to good photos, lighting is crucial. Apart from natural light from the windows, you can also use magnifying lamps. The professional quality of this equipment provides a soft and shadowless light over the model.

The secret lies in the shape of the dome; its soft light complements the model’s makeup, hair colour and skin, making it the perfect light for portraits. Its illuminating feature also eliminates blemishes, giving your model an attractive, fresh look—essential for share-worthy photos.

Plain Background is Better

Fancy backgrounds are not your top priorities. Since you want the model’s hair or makeup to stand out, use plain walls for your background. A clean painted white or grey wall is ideal if you want the model to be the focal point.

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For a fancier photo that still emphasises your work, search for stone, brick or tile walls—the right choice when shooting for beauty products. Also, add finishing touches such as flowers or sunglasses.

Shoot Well

Smartphone cameras feature digital and optical zooms. But refrain from zooming to prevent blurred, grainy or pixelated images. Instead, move closer and tap the photo for a clearer image.

Also, take multiple shots of the same pose before you proceed to another to have more options.

The UK is home to many beauty salons, with many facing strong competition. Give your beauty salon an edge and good exposure by harnessing the power of social media. With a good photo (minus the expensive marketing strategies), you can show potential clients your styling capabilities.