You're ready to pop the question. You've asked her family for her hand in marriage, and you've received their approval. You've told her friends and they are willing to help you plan the surprise. The only thing left to do is to buy her an engagement ring.

A diamond ring is probably the image you have in your head, but what about the cost? Ever heard of moissanite? The stone is comparable to diamond in a lot of great aspects, and can attest it also wins the moissanite vs diamond cost war. Here's how this rare stone stacks up against diamond: 


The hardness sets diamond apart from other precious stones. Rated with a hardness of 10 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness, it stands as the hardest known mineral in the world. It takes a diamond to cut one. But unless you're having a diamond fight, moissanite's 9.25 hardness score should not be such a downer. It's pretty hard and resistant to scratches, just like diamond. 


Of course, diamonds are brilliant. There's no denying that. But moissanite is just as beautiful, if not even prettier. Each diamond piece has different characteristics that affect the dispersion of light and brilliance, while moissanite stones, which are usually lab grown, all look brilliant. Some even argue that they shine better than diamonds because they have the ability to reflect more light. 


Now, here's an important factor that everyone wants to know. Diamond can be pretty expensive depending on the cut, size, and clarity. Moissanite, however, is less expensive, because it is lab grown. The price difference gets steeper when you consider a bigger carat size, which means you can get a pretty big moissanite stone for the same price of a small diamond. 

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You're not ready until you have that ring in your hand. So go ahead and take your pick. There are hundreds of moissanite engagement rings to choose from.