Your buddy finally did it. He found someone that he wanted to marry. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that he asked you to be his Best Man, and you know what that means: stag party! But don’t think it’s all about calling in a couple of your friends into a gentlemen’s club and letting fate decide. Here are three things to put on your checklist to for your best friend’s sendoff to marital bliss.

Gentlemanly Pursuits

Consider booking your location and entertainment in advance. This goes for whether you decide to have a big blowout at a hotel suite or a night out in your local gentlemen’s clubs. San Diego–based Pacers Showgirls International says strip clubs are usually packed. So, booking in advance means you don’t have to worry about waiting in line.

Funding Your Night

Secondly, you have to make sure you and your gang have enough money to fund the night’s shenanigans. Don’t wing it on the night itself. Take some time to make a guest list, itinerary, and reservations. Knowing how many people are going lets you plan out all the fun activities and supplies you have in store in advance. Just a quick reminder though: the groom traditionally doesn’t have to pay. So, make sure you have made preparations for that.

Hire the Designated Driver

You’ve got the guest list set; now you have to get your boys to where you have your party. Consider hiring a limo service rather than choosing one of your pals as a designated driver. It lets everyone in on the fun. Plus, you wouldn’t have to think about sobering up for later when you have to get Ubers for everyone else. If you want to have a bigger party though, go big and hire out a party bus service! It lets you start the party right off without worrying about getting pulled over by the cops.

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These three tips will make you a master at planning your friend’s bachelor party. Planning your activities, ensuring the transportation, and booking your activities in advance will prepare you for almost anything that could go wrong on the party. Turning yourself into “Bachelor Party Batman” will ensure that your buddy gets a night he won’t forget — or better yet — a night he won’t remember.