More people swear by the effectiveness of meditation in improving their health and lifestyle. They boast of a sharper focus, feel less stress, and are more contented. But is it possible that a detox yoga retreat could change you and sustain these benefits over the long term? The Vagabond Temple and other meditation and yoga retreats say that meditation can indeed change you, and these two studies show it’s highly likely it can also change your genes.

Let’s Talk about Genes

To understand the significance of these two studies, you have to learn more about genes and DNA. Chromosomes are the threadlike structures that contain the DNA. The body has 46 of these or 23 pairs. One of these pairs determines whether you’re male or female.

DNA contains the molecular instructions that govern how every inch of your being works. A group of DNA makes a gene, which your parents pass on to you and which you give to your children, so on and so forth. These are the blueprints of your life. If your genes are damaged, so is their DNA.

How Meditation Affects the Genes

Many factors affect how your DNA works over your lifetime. Exposure to environmental toxins or habits such as smoking can damage the DNA. In the process, the genes undergo a mutation, which increases your risk of diseases such as cancer. In certain cases, your genes can make you predisposed to certain illnesses or reactions such as allergies or inflammation.

In a study by the researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, along with those from Spain and France, mindfulness meditation tends to reduce pro-inflammatory genes. Its effect can also be very rapid.

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The results tend to corroborate that of Coventry University researchers. Its study suggested mind-body interventions such as meditation leave a “molecular signature” that changes gene expression. This alteration helps a person cope better with stress and chronic inflammation.

Meditation, though, takes a lot of practice. If you want to learn fast and know the right techniques, you should sign up for a detox yoga retreat today.