When it comes to decision making, regret is something with which we all deal – and weddings are not exempt from this fact of life. That’s not to say you will regret your choice of spouse (hopefully not!), but you may not be entirely happy with the venue, the dress, or the photos. Here are some reminders to help you have a wedding you will actually love:

As a couple, consider your preferences first before your guests’

Many couples focus too much on what would impress others and forget that a wedding is a special day for two people who are committing to a life of partnership. If a big ball gown feels uncomfortable, find something simpler, more your style. Never mind if the reviews on Instagram aren’t raving. And, whoever said the dress has to be white?

Choose a theme that matches your personality

You might be tempted to pattern your wedding look-and-feel after something you saw online. You might also be swayed by your stylist or your planner. Be careful not to make these mistakes. Take the time to zero in on what you love as a couple and let your wedding, from theme to venue, be an expression of who you are.

Decide on a venue based on how it looks and how comfortable it is

Checking out at a venue once, or worse, evaluating it through photos is careless because your first impression won’t tell the whole story. A wedding venue must be as comfortable as it is beautiful. Always take the weather into account and if outdoors, the possibility of bugs and other unwanted guests. Make sure you have enough parking space for everyone. It would be safer to choose venues that have been designed specifically for special occasions. There are many romantic wedding venues at Tunbridge Wells for you to consider.

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Being too tense – let it go!

Your wedding is indeed an extremely important day, and the preparations can be overwhelming but don’t let your nerves ruin it for you. The best wedding photos are of couples who are relaxed, happy and genuinely in love. On the day, let everything go. It doesn’t have to be perfect to be memorable.

All the advice here can be summed into one crucial reminder: own your wedding, make it about you as a couple and the beautiful journey you are about to start together.