Unless you tan in the nude, tan lines can be awkward to deal with if you don’t like the look of them. They can be especially troublesome once you’re done with vacation mode, and you’d have to make sure to cover up all those bikini tan lines.

Follow these tips to avoid dealing with those awkward lines:

Reapply Sun Protection Generously

What’s worse than forgetting your sun tan products? Having them and not using them correctly. You should be using products with the highest SPF coverage, and reapplying them as needed. Follow product instructions on how frequently you should apply the product, and reapply if you have been sweating heavily or after swimming. You also want even coverage, so apply the product all over your body, including your neck and feet.

Choose Your Swimwear Wisely

You’ve probably seen all those cute swimwear options out there, and you might be excited to show off your figure in strappy designs. Do, however, take the time to imagine how your tan lines will look once you’ve been out in the sun for a while. Those straps may look flattering with the suit on, but once it’s off, you’ll have to live with makeshift stripes all over your body until your skin regains its natural tone.

Mind the Burn

Some people are more sensitive to the sun while others get to enjoy a full day of frolicking on the beach without worries. Regardless, once you feel a slight burn, see that your face is turning an intense shade of red, or feel your skin starting to itch, seek cover immediately. Sun burn usually hurts worse after a few days, so take shelter as soon as possible to avoid the pain.

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With summer underway, you may be looking forward to flaunting your summer bod. Just remember that constant exposure comes with consequences. With the proper foresight, you’ll be able to enjoy yourself through the season and beyond.