When you are planning a full day of fun and sun as part of your vacation, an occasion with the family, or just thinking of a fun weekend with the kids, you may want to take a moment to reflect on which is the right water park to choose.

There are several parks in the state, and they all boast many exciting facilities. Deciding which one to visit may feel a bit overwhelming, but maybe these suggestions can help you…

Consider your companions

Many water parks in New Jersey have the magic of turning a dull day into a fun and exciting one. Some parks may have large slides, different kinds of pools, a man-made wave pool or a lazy river. Consider your companions on the trip.

If you are with children, it’s best to find a venue where everyone can enjoy the attractions. Look for pools with colorful slides, activities close to a picnic area, and somewhere that is not too crowded for maximum enjoyment and safety.

If you are with your teenage friends, it is a smart choice to have an adult with you to supervise, but choose a venue with more loopy slides and pools with unique features.

And if you are with colleagues or with a more adventurous adult group, go all out and pick the park with the more creative rides and pools – or maybe even one with a zip line or a super tall slide.

Safety is always paramount

Another thing that is important in choosing the ultimate water park, aside from the slides and pools, is the level of safety. Always check to see if they have lifeguards on duty, and whether they have an emergency response team in case of accidents.

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Cost is also a consideration

When choosing the right water park, always consider the price for adults and price for the kids. Some places advertise deals from time to time, or offer loyalty programs that might be worth looking into.

And don’t forget about the food! Always take into consideration the food you will be eating for the whole day to avoid additional spending.

The bottom line is that it’s always best to do your research before choosing your water park destination.