Winters can be miserably cold, but that is not the only reason many people cannot wait for the summer sun to appear and make everything right again. The misery of looking out the window when everything is grey is only eclipsed by the torment of staring at your pale skin in the mirror.

Nobody wants to be pale. It makes you feel unattractive; it makes your pores stand out and it sometimes leads to the appearance of acne. No wonder tanning in Australia and in other parts of the world has enjoyed continued popularity.

But how can you make your tan last just a little bit longer without putting yourself at risk of getting sunburned or worse? Here are some tips:

Use Shower Oil After a Cold Shower

Can you handle a cold shower? If not, you are not likely to hold on to that tan for long. Hot showers quickly dehydrate the skin so it peels faster, so you may not be able to enjoy that tan for a long time. In addition, do not forget to apply a quality shower oil to lock in the moisture.

Use a Body Scrub Before Hitting the Beach

You do not need a pricy body scrub; you can make your own. Mix some rock salt and honey, and then scrub it on your body with exfoliating gloves and you are all set. The rationale for this is your skin is renewed and is at the start of a new cycle when you expose it to the sun, which makes for a longer-lasting tan.

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Drink Plenty of Water

You will need to rehydrate when you are under the hot sun. Water is the best source of rehydration and prolonged life for all the cells in your body, including those in the skin, which means your newly pigmented skin colour will last longer.

Wear White and Light Colours

Still a few weeks before you get tanned again? Give the illusion of slightly darker skin by wearing something white or at least a light colour that makes your skin look darker than it really is.

Tanned skin is a gem for millions of fair-skinned people. Make yours last longer by following these tricks.