Dental pulp refers to the nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue inside a tooth. Apart from supplying blood to your tooth, the pulp also lets you feel sensations.

However, factors such as a deep cavity, a crack in the tooth, trauma to the face and repeated dental treatment to a tooth can cause the pulp to become irritated, inflamed and infected.

Pulp removal

If your pulp suffers damage or infection, you should have a dentist remove it. Here are four reasons why the damaged or infected pulp needs removal.

To prevent an abscess

Damage to the pulp leads to the multiplication of bacteria within the dental pulp chamber. The bacteria can then result in an infection. If the infection proliferates, a pus-filled pocket may form at the end of the root of the infected tooth leading to an abscessed tooth.

To prevent the swelling from spreading

Infection found in your tooth’s root canal may result in swelling that may spill out to your neck, other parts of your face or head. Removing the damaged or infected pulp will help to contain any swelling.

To prevent bone loss

A root canal infection can cause loss of bone in the tip of your tooth’s root. The dentist should remove the infected dental pulp as soon as possible to avoid such bone loss.

Avert drainage issues that may extend outward from the diseased root

An infection in the root canal can lead to drainage problems. A hole might occur through the side of your tooth with drainage into your gums. Alternatively, a hole can occur through your cheek with drainage into your skin.

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If your tooth pulp suffers damage, a root canal treatment can help repair and save your badly damaged or infected chopper. When you go for a root canal here in Napa, the damaged area of the tooth will be removed, cleaned and disinfected, then filled and sealed.

The procedure can save your teeth and prevent many other oral health problems.