A Man in the WoodsNot all of the health tips that work for women work the same way as men. This is because of the different physiological makeup of the bodies, which means the male body may react a different way to a stimulus that makes the female body healthy.

The following tips are unlikely ways for men to get healthy.

Go to a strip club

Believe it or not, strip clubs have been proven in a recent study to have a positive effect on health. How is this so? A gentlemen’s club here in San Diego can lower Cortisol, which is known as the stress hormone while increasing Oxytocin (love hormone).

It also helps in maintaining testosterone, which is usually a problem for men of a certain age.

Do yoga

Yoga has a reputation for being a woman’s activity. What men do not realize is that it actually enhances balance and flexibility of the body. This is why a lot of men are doing yoga so that their coordination especially if they are athletes.

Hike in a nearby mountain or hill

Hiking relieves stress, but it also puts you closer to nature, which boosts the mood and the circulation of the blood. It is a good cardio exercise, which you can do with the other members of the family.

Cook for your family and friends

Cooking is good for the health because men learn more about life and flavor. Plus, it will relieve your wife of one task so they can also rest.

Being healthy is a big concern for guys, even if most of them would not admit it. What men need to think more of is that there are unconventional ways to become healthy, so they do not have to worry about going to the gym for a heavy workout or limiting their food intake too much.

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