Interior of a bedroom with twin size bedSo you’re moving to your new apartment. You’re all set, except that you have no idea what you need to put in specific areas such as the bedroom. This room is special, so you have to pay more attention to its design and comfort.

Here’s a list of bedroom essentials to help you get started.


Regardless of your choice of material, you are going to need a bed so you won’t sleep on the floor. To get a good night’s sleep, you must invest in high-quality mattresses, bedroom bedding sets, blankets, and pillows and pillowcases.


A bedside table is not mandatory, but it will come in handy if you are fond of reading before you sleep. This is perfect for holding your phone, alarm clock, trinkets, and glasses if you are using one.


You’ll need a mirror as well. At least know how you look before getting out of your bedroom.


If you are afraid of the dark but don’t want a fully-lit room, a night light is ideal for you. This is also useful for low-pace activities since it is bright enough to allow you to see the entire bedroom. A reading lamp may be necessary if you study and read at night.

Alarm clock

You can always use your mobile phone, but nothing beats having an alarm clock right at your bedside table. Why? It’s because the clock doesn’t have a snooze option; therefore, you have no choice but to get up and get ready for work or school.


A closet or under-bed storage is a must, especially if you are renting a small apartment. You can store almost everything in it, from clothes to beddings and other personal belongings.

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To keep your bedroom as organized as possible, you also need to buy hangers, curtains, and hampers.

You might just be starting out a new life in your new apartment. Make sure you have these important items in your place so you can live comfortably.