A new mattress is always good to sleep in, but as time passes, wear and dirt compromise its clean appearance. But it need not stay that way.

When it comes to cleaning your mattresses, remember that daily maintenance is very important. You sleep on these every day; regular cleaning ensures the bed looks new and you have a clean and good rest. Instead of sleeping on your mattresses, here are some suggestions to keep in mind:

1. Rotate your mattresses regularly.

Notice how sometimes you can make out creases on your mattresses? Regularly rotating it prevents the formation of unattractive creases, as well as promote a firmer surface. Don’t just rotate your mattresses from head to foot; make sure you also flip it over. Some mattress manufacturers provide rotation suggestions and even schedules. While some mattresses may not be for rotation, you can still do it for maintenance purposes.

2. Clean mattresses to avoid bed bugs.

When you change your sheets, don’t forget to regularly clean them. It’s important to use warm water when cleaning comforters, duvet covers, and coverlets for your bed. Using hot water for wash effectively kills any bed bugs stuck in your mattresses. Also, make sure that your sheets are fully dried before you use them; otherwise, you’ll risk dealing with mold and mildew problems.

3. Keep your pets off your bed.

Cuddling or sleeping with your pet is always enjoyable, but if you want cleaner mattresses, best to keep them off. If you really want to snuggles with them, get your furry friends their own mattresses to make sure your they don’t leave allergy-inducing hair or fur on the mattress.

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It’s The Small Things That Matter

Your bed is a personal sanctuary; it’s the go-to place after a hard day’s work. Practicing the suggestions above ensures you have a clean and comfortable bed to come home too. Don’t just invest on a high quality mattress; exercise discipline in keeping your bed clean and looking new.