If there’s one style item that every man should invest in, it should be a good pair of shoes. The shoes are what pulls everything together. While they are down your feet, people can easily notice them. Suffice to say; your shoes are among the things that help you create a good impression.

And when it comes to shoes, you need to have more than one. As a stylist would say, you can never have enough pairs of shoes. Here is a list of shoes that you must have in your wardrobe.

White Sneakers

If you are a laid-back guy who wants a crisp and sharp look, a pair of white leather sneakers is your best friend. You can pair them with chinos, tees, and even button downs. What’s more fun with white sneakers is that the style of your socks will be highlighted. If leather is not your thing, go for canvas sneakers.

Dress Shoes

As you go through life, you will find yourself attending weddings, corporate events, and similar gatherings. You need to look your best during these events. Get yourself a pair of dress shoes. It could be toe cap, derby, oxford, brogues, or a combination of those styles. Your best colors are brown, black, and oxblood.


If you want to stay somewhere between formal and casual, you can go for loafers. You can easily pair them with jeans or flannel. If you want to suit up but still want to leave a hint of casual air, wear penny loafers.

Leather Boots

Want to stay casual but quite rugged and tough? Your footwear for this scenario is a pair of leather boots. Other than being durable, they are easy to match with different types of jeans. They are also easy to take care of, especially Helm Boots men’s leather boots made in the USA.

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Your footwear can make or break your style. With that, you should have all the shoes enumerated above.