A visit to the beautiful country of Singapore is not complete without making a leisurely stop in the resort island of Sentosa. The island hosts popular attractions such as the Sentosa Merlion and Fort Siloso. The cost of seeing these Sentosa attractions can pile up, but there’s budget relief in sight when you use a Sentosa Fun Pass promo code.

Fun Pass

Sentosa Fun Pass is a fun and easy way to save big on your vacation budget. It is a bargain scheme which offers various discounts depending on the Play ticket you bought. The Play refers to the number of Sentosa attractions you can visit with your ticket. There’s the Play Max Pass which means you can visit all 19 attractions, Play 5 Pass for five attractions and Play 3 for three attractions. There are also Fun Pass for two days or more, each with their corresponding discounts.

What’s in a Sentosa Fun Pass Promo Code?

A two-day Fun Pass gives you access to the Sentosa Merlion, the Butterfly and Insect Kingdom, a ride on the Cable Car (Sentosa Line only), plus entry to ten other attractions found on the resort island.  Check the attractions that are available in your Fun Pass so you’ll enjoy the attractions you want.

Sentosa Cost Buster

If you buy the Sentosa Fun Pass online, make sure to claim your tickets within three months from the Sentosa ticketing counter.  Enjoy additional savings by searching for a Sentosa Fun Pass promo code online. Applying promo codes is a fun way to win over high prices.  They are also helpful when you want to save big on an irresistible purchase like a Sentosa Fun Pass ticket. So the next time you think a Singapore trip is expensive, you can always choose a Sentosa Fun Pass to cut costs while enjoying it all!

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