Confident Young Woman in a Bathing SuitWhile models have always been thin and fashion magazines promote the almost impossible ideal of the size-zero girl, the average size of real women in America has been getting bigger — and not just around the waist. In just two decades, the average foot has also increased by two shoe sizes. Since the 60s, the average height got an inch taller, too. The taller and fuller female is the new shape of 2010s women. But sadly, tabloids and new media have yet to keep up. It has only been in the past few years that clothing brands have begun to feature un-airbrushed women in ads.

With the impossible beauty standards society forces into women, it is indeed difficult to be confident in your imperfect, albeit perfectly normal, body. Yes, self-acceptance, in addition to healthy defiance of the norm, is the route to take. Knowing what to wear, though, helps build confidence.

Empower women with better branding.

Styles for Less notes that plus-size clothing needs a new brand. While it has gained popularity in online shopping, plus-size fashion should market their products in an empowering light, instead of pinning their existence on accommodating a body type.

Dress in a way that compliments.

The right outfit right will point out your body type’s strengths, not weaknesses. Knowing important fashion tips can bring out the best and most beautiful features.

  • High-Waisted Jeans. High-waisted jeans or skirts will cover the tummy — a part many consider a “problem area”. Also, dark colors give a slimmer illusion, and lighter colors draw attention to better features.
  • Tunic Tops. Tunic tops are extra long and may disguise “love handles” around the middle. Likewise, getting the right size clothing is important. Clothes that are too baggy or too small can make a person seem bigger than they are.
  • Heeled Shoes. High Heels can give the impression of a more slender figure because the taller the person, the slimmer they seem.
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Those are just a couple of wardrobe tips to accentuate your body’s great features and let your “problem areas” take the back seat. Of course, the best way to look and feel great is to love your body and defy impossible beauty standards set by the media. But while you’re still on that journey, getting by with these tips won’t hurt.