Who says celebrities are the only ones who can own the airport fashion category?

Whether for vacation or business, looking your best and being comfortable doing it are the secrets to ruling the runway—in this case, the thing that airplanes take off from and land on. The hassles of packing and preparing, however, might have taken your mind off this fun aspect of travel.

For Elaine Turner, an online fashion clothing shop, it’s never too late to mix and match to come up with your newest style.

Win at airport fashion by keeping the following in mind:

It’s All About the Layers

During air travel, brace yourself for frequent temperature variations. You could get cold or hot at the gate, depending on the following factors: airport climate, location of waiting areas, and how crowded the area is. In most cases, the ramps that lead to the plane are warmer while cabins are colder.

This is where layering does wonders in terms of fashion and comfort.

Wear a leather jacket or cardigan over your top, which should be made from lightweight and breathable materials such as chambray, cotton, or rayon. If you’re looking for a more sophisticated style choice, go for silk—it can keep you warm and cool at the same time.

Not Too Tight

Wearing tight clothes might make you uncomfortable; the Kardashians get away with it, but the same may not be true for you. Instead, choose clothes that flow naturally and are less restrictive, for a relaxing flight. These styles allow you to move around, accommodate changes in temperature, and still keep your airport fashion charm.

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Go Crazy with Accessories

Necklaces, earrings, or some sparkly bangles have the power to make your ensemble look more fashionable. If you want to look effortlessly chic while traveling, add a few statement accessories or scarves to level up the sophistication level effortlessly.

Arrive or depart in style. By considering the suggestions above, you’ll be sure to kill it, when it comes to airport fashion.