What’s the similarity between buying men’s shoes and buying a car? You need to be sure what you want to buy as you walk into a retail store, just like you should when you visit a car dealership. It’s the only way to guarantee that you’ll walk away with something you’re comfortable to be seen with for a long time. Here are tips to get things just right.

Know where to buy

The best places to buy shoes are department stores and outlet malls. Here, you have a chance to try on different shoes and choose the best fit. Plus, you can always haggle with the seller for the best deal. But even if you want to go online to shop for the latest sneaker or Ariat cowboy boots in Utah, it’s still a good idea to try on the same shoe at a local outlet before heading online for the best bargain.

Know when to shop

Ever tried buying shoes in the middle of the day on a weekday? There are always so many shoppers looking to do the same, and the result is that the sellers are very busy. It’s much wiser to know first the best times to shop. Try visiting the shoe store late on weeknights or early on Sundays where you’ll very likely be the only customer. This way, you’ll have the salesperson’s undivided attention, and you can be sure of reliable one-on-one customer service.

Check out a good cobbler

Do you know any skilled, good cobbler in the neighborhood? Then you can opt to have them make a shoe for you. Of course, they won’t be able to churn out a shoe to rival the top brands in the world, but they can certainly make you a shoe that’s ideal for your fit and style.

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Finding the ideal shoes for you is no rocket science. Rather, it’s a matter of knowing a little more about your style, options, and budget.