A wedding reception venuePlanning a wedding is not done overnight. You need to schedule everything months in advance so everyone will have plenty of time to block off the date on their calendar. You also need to call the caterers and venue rentals to secure them on your preferred date, especially if the date has special meaning for you and your spouse.

These three things need to be scheduled as soon as possible, so your wedding goes without a hitch:

Wedding Venue

You can’t have a wedding without the ceremony and the reception. Though varying cultures do weddings differently, they need somewhere to hold the wedding. Wedding barns in Minnesota are plentiful, so you can find one that can accommodate the number of guests you’re expecting. Call for inquiries and put down the deposit for the venue as soon as possible before another couple snatches it up on your planned wedding date.


What’s a wedding without the food? Some couples even have the menu customized, so they have something unique to show off to their guests. Caterers are in demand, especially because they might be servicing not just weddings, but also birthday celebrations and corporate events. You’ll want to call a catering company with a good reputation to schedule a tasting and to finalize the details soon. Of course, you also need the headcount, so they know how much food you need.


You’ll want the details of your wedding to be immortalized through photographs and videos. Take a pick from a big team of wedding photographers or go with an individual to cover an intimate wedding. Whatever you do, do not hire a photographer without checking their portfolio. See the kind of photos they take to see if they are a good match for what you’re looking for.

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You want everything to be perfect on your wedding day. Though some things may go wrong, as long as you have these three important things covered, the event will be a success.